Reaching higher

A fresh approach

Our mission is to become the largest and most sustainable indoor vertical farm producer of baby leafy greens by 2027, producing the safest, most nutritious, and best tasting salad greens. Our hands-free, high density, tech-driven vertical farm puts people and our planet first. It also supports the local economy by producing the most flavourful greens, picked at the peak of freshness, and delivered to the local market with speed and precision.

Our commercial scale production facilities are designed to feed from one to multiple provinces and states simultaneously, providing food security in our produce sector and the communities we serve.

Doing more with less

Our world faces unprecedented challenges. Given climate change, labour shortages, and rising fuel costs, traditional ways of farming are no longer adequate to feed our ever-growing population. We need to do more with less. At Fresh Green Farms, our science based, forward-thinking approach allows us to grow better-tasting food in a clean, efficient and sustainable way by being at the forefront of the vertical farming revolution.

Yield to the future

Growing vertically reduces our agricultural footprint while boosting yields that are +350 times more than of what you’d find with conventional farming. Simply put, we grow more food on less land, using less water and fewer inputs. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our ability to grow delicious and nutritious baby leafy greens today and into the future.

How we grow

Fresh Green Farms’ proprietary high density vertical farming solution is revolutionizing agriculture with a healthier, more sustainable way to grow better local greens.

Growing principles

Consistent: Complete automation from seed to package allows for higher yields, quicker production, better quality control, and less potential for contamination—and a fresh, uninterrupted supply of our delicious greens.

Clean & Safe: Never touched by pesticides, herbicides, manure fertilizers, genetic modification, soil or human hands, our greens are nutritious, delicious and ready to eat right out of the pack.

Innovation: our proprietary growing and lighting systems coax even higher yields and more vibrant flavours from our greens compared to conventional vertical farms.

Sustainable: our high density vertical farm uses 99% less water, land and fertilizer to yield an abundant supply of the freshest greens for local markets.

Canadian innovation for a more sustainable future and a healthier planet

Our uniqueness

Outstanding in any field

  • Year-round availability of Canadian-grown salad greens

  • Consistently delicious—our proprietary growing system produces tender baby greens that are packed full of flavour, with appealing taste and textures

  • 13-21 day growing cycle, depending on the variety

  • Customizable blends

  • Proprietary lighting technology for custom brix levels and flavour profiles

  • CO2 is recycled, further reducing our carbon footprint

  • No-touch seeding, harvesting, and packaging in our facility delivers clean, consistent and reliable supply

  • Sustainable packaging with extended shelf life leads to reduced food waste

  • Ready to eat right out of the pack

  • Marketed and sold through our partnership with Oppy—a leading marketer of fresh produce with over 160 years experience

  • Bright, vibrant consumer brand, UP Vertical Farms™, promises to be a real standout in the salad aisle!

Visit our consumer brand website for UP Vertical Farms™ here

Our R&D facility ensures we are always at the forefront of technology, developing and collaborating with our stakeholders and customers to bring the best new, innovative and exciting products to market, together.

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For sales and marketing information, please contact our partner Oppy:

For sales and marketing information, please contact our partner Oppy: